Murphy Signs 7 New Election Bills into Law


Governor Murphy yesterday signed seven new bills into law, all part of a voting rights reform package, that includes changes to in-person early voting, voter registration, and more.

The Governor signed the following bills into law:

A-1969/S-138 (Mukherji, Sumter, Egan/Diegnan, Greenstein) - Allows minors to serve as election workers between 5:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. on election days.

A-3817/S-2863 (Verrelli, Benson/Zwicker, Gopal) - Requires ballot privacy sleeves at polling places; makes various changes to early and mail-in voting procedures; creates an online form to update name and residence on existing voter registration records.

A-3819/S-2868 (Mukherji, Dunn, Stanley/Cryan, Gopal) - Specifies circumstances when voter will be removed from the permanent vote by mail status and when a ballot will be sent to the primary address; requires educational campaign; makes an appropriation of $5 million.

A-3820/S-2869 (Karabinchak, Jaffer, Stanley/Cryan, Gopal) - Prohibits unaffiliated mail-in voters from receiving mail-in ballots for the primary election; requires election officials to provide such voters certain notices; prohibits mail-in ballot envelopes from containing visible political affiliation or designation for certain elections.

A-3822/S-2865 (Coughlin, DiMaio, Stanley, Dunn, Danielsen/Zwicker, Cryan) - Changes certain mail-in ballot deadlines; permits opening and canvassing of mail-in ballots prior to election day; permits pickup schedule for certain mail-in ballots; requires confirmation notice when voter changes party affiliation at MVC.

A-3823/S-2867 (Sumter, Rooney, Benson, Reynolds-Jackson/Lagana, Cryan) - Requires enhanced review of death records two months prior to an election; permits remote training for certain election workers; exempts election worker compensation from taxation and remuneration.

A-3929/S-2899 (Mukherji, Reynolds-Jackson, Murphy/Turner, Beach) - Allows certain voters residing overseas to vote in certain elections in this State depending on overseas residency or intent to return.

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