New Laws Passed in NJ 2022-2023


Some 7,294 bills, resolutions, and other legislation has been introduced for the 2022 year in NJs Legislature.

Of these thousands of introduced legislation, 114 are engrossed(a process by which a bill is updated--that is, how adopted amendments and other changes are incorporated into a bill--as it makes its way through the Senate or House).

15 bills have been passed in the NJ Legislature this 2022 session, 2 bills have been vetoed, and 21 bills are scheduled to be heard on the house/senate floor.

Here are all the new bills passed by NJ Legislation (house and senate) in the 2022-2023 regular session that have become law.

A3670 - Changes deadline for filing of acceptance by successful write-in candidate for a primary election to on or before the seventh day following certification of election results. (2022-06-01, Approved)

S906 - Authorizes transfer on death (TOD) of title to a motor vehicle. (2022-05-09, Approved)

S399 - Increases contribution limit by counties and municipalities to volunteer first aid, ambulance, and rescue squads. (2022-05-09, Approved)

A1115 - Requires DEP to prioritize funding for environmental infrastructure projects for applicants with an established program to employ, at a project or related facilities, local residents, or residents of nearby urban aid qualifying municipalities. (2022-05-09, Approved)

S356 - Provides for lifetime disqualification from operating commercial motor vehicles and transportation network company vehicles for persons convicted of human trafficking. (2022-05-09, Approved)

A2884 - Revises State financial aid requirements to align with simplification of Free Application for Federal Student Aid under federal law. (2022-04-12, Approved)

A2158 - Allows a member of PFRS who is police chief and fire department chief to serve until age 67 under certain conditions. (2022-04-12, Approved)

S1802 - Makes $25 million supplemental appropriations to HMFA for Capital Improvement Assistance Program. (2022-03-28, Approved)

S2356 - Extends prohibition on certain utility discontinuances for certain customers. (2022-03-25, Approved)

A3587 - Changes certain primary election deadlines. (2022-03-25, Approved)

A2065 - Amends applicability of law prohibiting sale and distribution of plastic and paper carryout bags to food banks and food pantries; appropriates $600,000. (2022-03-25, Approved)

A208 - Raises pay for election workers to $300 per day; permits counties to provide additional compensation to election workers; appropriates $7,000,000 to the Department of State. (2022-03-25, Approved)

S1889 - Prohibits government dealings with businesses associated with Belarus or Russia. (2022-03-09, Approved)

S905 - Extends the period of time for filing special education due process petitions related to COVID-19 school closures and periods of virtual, remote, hybrid, or in-person instruction. (2022-03-03, Approved)

A2063 - Extends transmittal date deadline for the fiscal year 2022-2023 gubernatorial budget message to Legislature from fourth Tuesday in February to March 8, 2022. (2022-02-15, Approved)

Bills Vetoed:

A2472Vetoed - Establishes bribery in official and political matters applies to a person soliciting, accepting, or agreeing to accept benefit as consideration to act even though not yet in office or otherwise qualified to act. (2022-06-02, Received in the Senate, 2nd Reading - Concur. w/Gov's Recom.)

A642Vetoed - Concerns use of steel slag as aggregate. (2022-06-02, Received in the Senate, 2nd Reading - Concur. w/Gov's Recom.)

To see the full list of 21 bills scheduled to be heard by NJs Legislature, click here.

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