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A note on advertisements: How Morristown Minute Makes Money $

The site collects revenue in two ways, 

  1. paid monthly advertisers,  
  2. support payments from our readers

Morristown Minute functions on a fixed monthly rate for advertisers on our site, meaning viewership does not determine revenue. This model encourages journalists to pursue articles that matter and avoid clickbait headlines that draw views with little substance.

Additionally, our advertisers come from businesses based in Morristown, or the surrounding Morris County area, and employ or are owned by Morris County locals.

We always encourage feedback and questions about our advertising policy and we are willing to answer any and all questions about the advertisements you see on our site. 

Supporters and advertisers of Morristown Minute should not expect preferential treatment, and they should understand the possibility that we may publish content with which they disagree. If we do write about a business that advertises with us, our relationship will be fully disclosed to our readers.


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Chris Connors, Editor-in-Chief

Chris (our Editor-in-Chief) has a Master's from the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, is a bestselling playwright at Off the Wall Plays, and has been an educator, writer, and storyteller for over a decade.

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