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NJ Expands Eligibility for Prescription Drug Assistance, Launches Navigator Program

Increased Income Limits Aim to Extend Savings to More Residents

TRENTON, NJ – In a significant move to enhance healthcare affordability, New Jersey Human Services Commissioner Sarah Adelman announced a major expansion of the income eligibility limits for the state's Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled (PAAD) and Senior Gold Prescription Discount drug assistance programs. This expansion, part of Governor Phil Murphy's FY2024 Budget, is set to extend prescription drug savings to a broader segment of New Jersey's older adults and individuals with disabilities.

Governor Murphy emphasized the initiative's importance, stating, "No one should have to face the difficult choice to skip or ration their medications." This program expansion aims to alleviate such burdens, ensuring more residents can afford their necessary medications without financial strain.

The income limits for PAAD and Senior Gold programs have been raised by $10,000, a change expected to significantly increase the number of eligible New Jerseyans. The PAAD program now welcomes individuals with an annual income of up to $52,142 if single and $59,209 for couples. Meanwhile, the Senior Gold Prescription Discount program's limits have been adjusted to $62,142 for single individuals and $69,209 for married couples.

To support this expansion and encourage enrollment among eligible residents, New Jersey is introducing the "NJSAVE Navigator Program." This initiative aims to educate the public about the NJSave suite of programs and provide assistance with the application process. Deputy Commissioner for Aging and Disability Services Kaylee McGuire highlighted the NJSave application's role in screening for multiple assistance programs, potentially lowering costs for prescriptions, Medicare premiums, and other living expenses.

The state is also enhancing its outreach efforts with a $6.9 million grant to community organizations for public awareness and application assistance, especially targeting underserved and hard-to-reach populations. An upcoming statewide advertising campaign will further promote the NJSave application's benefits.

Legislation has also been enacted requiring all retail pharmacies in New Jersey to display signage about these programs by April, ensuring that more older adults and individuals with disabilities are informed about potential savings on prescription drugs.

This comprehensive approach to expanding access to prescription drug assistance is part of New Jersey's broader commitment to healthcare affordability. By increasing income eligibility limits and launching the NJSave Navigator Program, New Jersey aims to provide its residents with the support they need to access essential medications and maintain their health without financial hardship.

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