NJ TRANSIT Introduces "Tap, Scan, Ride" for Faster Bus Boarding

Streamlined Boarding Process Now Available for NJ TRANSIT Bus Customers

NJ TRANSIT is revolutionizing the way passengers board buses with the introduction of its "Tap, Scan, Ride" system, starting Saturday, April 6. This new boarding method allows customers to quickly and easily board by scanning their paper or mobile tickets at onboard validators, significantly reducing boarding times and enhancing the overall travel experience.

Under the "Tap, Scan, Ride" initiative, bus operators will no longer physically handle or validate printed or electronic tickets. Instead, passengers are required to scan their tickets and passes equipped with scannable barcodes using the onboard validators. Alternatively, passengers can opt for contactless payment by tapping a payment card or mobile device wallet upon boarding, or continue paying in cash.

As part of this efficient boarding process, validators positioned near the bus operator will signal passengers to scan their barcoded tickets or passes. A green light on the validator will indicate a valid ticket, allowing the passenger to proceed. It is important to note that once a ticket has been scanned, it is deemed used and cannot be reused for another trip. A red light will display for any ticket that has been previously scanned and is thus invalid for further travel.

For those choosing to use contactless payment, passengers will need to tap their card or device and then inform the bus operator of the number of zones they are traveling to complete the fare payment. There are no changes to the boarding process for customers opting to pay with cash.

This initiative is part of NJ TRANSIT’s ongoing efforts to streamline transit processes and improve service efficiency across its network. For more detailed information on the "Tap, Scan, Ride" system and to familiarize yourself with the new boarding process, please visit

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