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Morristown and Plastics Corp. Team Up for Tree Planting Event

Enhancing Green Spaces: Orchard Street Playground to Welcome Ten New Trees in a Joint Effort for Environmental Enrichment

MORRISTOWN, NJ – In a collaborative initiative aimed at greening the local environment, the Morristown Shade Tree Commission has joined forces with the New Jersey Tree Foundation and Formosa Plastics Corporation, U.S.A., to organize a tree planting event. 

This eco-friendly endeavor, set for Wednesday, April 17th, at 1:00 PM at the Orchard Street Playground, will plant ten trees to benefit the park and its vicinity.

The initiative underscores the commitment to fostering cleaner air and water, providing wildlife habitat, and offering much-needed shade. Volunteers from Formosa Plastics Corporation will actively participate in planting trees, gaining invaluable insights into tree planting that they can carry into their communities.

About The Morristown Shade Tree Commission

Since its inception in 2013, the Morristown Shade Tree Commission (STC) has been pivotal in the sustainable management of the town’s community forest, overseeing the regulation, planting, and maintenance of shade, ornamental trees, and shrubbery on public lands. 

With over $150,000 in grants from community and corporate sponsors, the STC has significantly contributed to Morristown's greening efforts. Notably, the commission's innovative approach to protecting street trees from soil compaction through the use of BioChar and Flexipave has earned it the Green Communities Award, highlighting its impactful work in the urban landscape.

About The New Jersey Tree Foundation

The New Jersey Tree Foundation stands as a beacon of hope for New Jersey’s underserved neighborhoods, embarking on a mission to plant trees where they are needed most. 

Through a concerted effort that embraces tree planting, volunteerism, and strong partnerships, the Foundation plays a crucial role in uplifting community environments and enhancing the quality of life across the state, demonstrating the power of green initiatives in building healthier, more vibrant communities.

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