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NJDOC Launches Recruitment Campaign: “Serve with Honor. Protect with Pride.”

Trenton, N.J. — The New Jersey Department of Corrections (NJDOC) has launched a new recruitment campaign titled “Serve with Honor. Protect with Pride.” aimed at attracting individuals with dedication, honor, and integrity to join the largest law enforcement agency in New Jersey as correctional police officers. This initiative emphasizes the competitive salary, benefits, and diverse career paths available within the NJDOC.

NJDOC oversees more than 4,390 custody staff members who manage over 13,600 incarcerated individuals across nine correctional facilities statewide. These facilities provide a variety of programs and services to aid in the rehabilitation and reintegration of inmates.

Correctional police officers at NJDOC are responsible for maintaining the custody, safety, and care of incarcerated individuals. They have opportunities to serve in various roles and divisions, such as the Custody Recruitment division, Training Academy, Special Operations Group, and Special Investigations Division.

Recent steps to attract new recruits include a new four-year agreement finalized in November 2023, providing a 3.5% annual salary increase and additional salary adjustments. Additionally, a 2022 law exempts new officers from the civil service examination requirement.

Starting salaries for NJDOC Correctional Police Officers are approximately $51,400 upon academy graduation, with Senior Correctional Police Officers earning between $70,500 and $123,000 annually. Benefits include paid time off, health benefits, education reimbursement, family and disability leave, military benefits, and retirement plans.

The application process involves six steps: pre-employment processing, physical fitness, background investigation, medical processing, academy training, and graduation. Training is provided through an immersive 19-week course at the NJDOC Correctional Staff Training Academy in Sea Girt, with both in-residence and non-residential options available for Class 257 starting in September 2024.

Prospective applicants must be at least 18 years old, U.S. citizens, possess a high school diploma or equivalent, hold a valid New Jersey driver’s license, and be eligible to possess a firearm. They must also pass a comprehensive background check and medical and psychological examinations.

Interested individuals are encouraged to begin the application process by visiting the official NJDOC recruitment website at

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