Updates from Morristown Town Council Meeting, Introductions, Adoptions, Resolutions.


Tuesday, September 13, 2022, at 7:30 Pm, the Morristown Town Council met to discuss several new ordinances and resolutions and vote on the latest nominee to the Morristown Housing Authority.

Below is a quick rundown of what’s happening in Morristown…

Ordinances for Introduction:

No. O-30-2022 – authorizes the hiring of entry-level law enforcement officers exempt from the entry-level examination requirements.

No. O-31-2022 – amends the daily rate for School Traffic Guards to $50/ day.

No. O-32-2022 – amends resident parking regulations on Harrison and Morton Streets. Says, “Parking shall be limited to two-hour parking at all times on… [Harrison Street, from the northern curb line of Grant Street to a point 300 feet north on the east side of the street, and the entire length of the west side of the street], … [and the entire length of Morton Street] except for cars with resident permit stickers.”

Ordinances for Adoption:

No. O-22-2022 – Authorizes the sale of 17 Orchard Street to Morris Habitat for Humanity for the creation of two affordable housing units consistent with the Town's affordable housing plan. The Town of Morristown will donate $100,000 from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund towards the construction of the two affordable housing units.

No. O-23-2022 – ordinance establishing compensation for employees who are members of FMBA Local 43 (Firefighters) pursuant to the Memorandum of Understanding signed July 29, 2022.

No. O-24-2022 – establishes compensation for employees who are FMBA Local 243 (Fire Officers) members pursuant to the Memorandum of Understanding signed August 8, 2022.

No. O-25-2022 – authorizes the town of Morristown to enter into a contract with the US Postal Service for the $3 million purchase of the Morristown Post Office at 1 Morris Street.

No. O-26-2022 – appropriates $400,000 from the Sewer Capital Improvement Fund for various sewer and wastewater improvements at various locations throughout Morristown, including, but not limited to, Ford Avenue and Lidgerwood Parkway.

No. O-27-2022 – places a one-year freeze on rent increases for rent-controlled apartments in the 2023 year. Read more.

No. O-28-2022 – appropriates $7,224,412 to finance part of the cost of making improvements to the Morristown Airport (runway rehabilitation, construction, and design).

No. O-29-2022 – Amends Chapter 30 of the Cod of the Town of Morristown regarding affordable housing, to address requirements of the Fair Housing Act of 1985 and the Uniform Housing Affordability Controls (UHAC) and to comply with the Town’s third round of affordable housing obligations.

Resolutions for Adoption:

No. R-139-2022 – authorizes the maintenance of Morristown’s new traffic circle by M-Station developers M-Station West Urban Renewal Associates, LLC, and M-Station East Urban Renewal Associates, LLC. Under their agreement, the redevelopers of M-Station are responsible for maintaining the traffic circle.

No. R-142-2022 – provides for accounting of the 2022 Columba Street Drainage CDBG award received in the amount of $80,000. This resolution amends the 2022 budget to include revenue and an appropriation for the grant.

No. R-143-2022 – Authorizes release of monies in escrow for developer of 42 Spring Street.

No. R-144-2022 – renews an agreement for a School Resource Officer with the Morris School District. The School Resource Officer would be stationed at Morristown High School, 50 Early Street.

No. R-145-2022 – Authorizes the $49,994 purchase of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery and Back File Conversion for scanning paper documents into a searchable electronic database.

No. R-146-2022 – awards contract for 2-year on-call snow removal services for the Town of Morristown to Harrington & Sons at a bid price of $2,263.10. Harrington & Sons have performed snow removal services for the town of Morristown between 2013 and the present day.

No. R-147-2022 – authorizes the $299,765.81 purchase of a street sweeper through the Sourcewell Cooperative Purchasing System. Paid for by Capital funds for vehicle and equipment maintenance.

No. R-148-2022 – authorizes renewal of Natubhai Inc.’s alcohol distribution license.

No. R-149-2022 – Approves the transfer of a Plenary Retail Consumption License from Mosushi, Inc. to HQ Hospitality LLC. Approves the place-to-place transfer application of the consumption license from 12 Schuyler Place to 3 Speedwell Avenue, Suite M114. All effective March 1, 2024.

The council also voted on an appointment to the Morristown Housing authority, a term which would end in September of 2027.

The next Morristown Town Council meeting is scheduled for September 27, 2022, at 7:30 PM.

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