Morris County Adopts $365.3 Million Budget for 2024


Unanimous Approval Sees Tax Rate Remain Stable as County Prioritizes Health, Safety, and Economic Development

MORRISTOWN, NJ – The Morris County Board of County Commissioners has unanimously passed the 2024 Budget, amounting to $365.3 million, maintaining the current tax rate while expanding allocations for essential services including public safety, infrastructure, human services, as well as education and economic development efforts.

A significant portion of the budget, nearly $35 million, is dedicated to the 2024 Capital Spending Plan, aimed at enhancing county infrastructure. This strategic investment is part of a broader fiscal strategy that has successfully increased the county’s fund balance by $2.5 million to $63.2 million, a move designed to protect Morris County against potential economic downturns and preserve its triple-A Bond rating as affirmed by both Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s.

“Morris County has maintained a triple-A rating for 48 years,” said Commissioner Director Christine Myers. “This impeccable rating saves everyone money by allowing our towns, schools and county to borrow funds for integral community projects at the most competitive finance rates.”

Amid growing operational costs driven by state mandates, particularly in the operations of the Morris County Clerk’s Office and the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, the budget is a testament to the county's solid financial planning and commitment to effectively addressing these challenges.

The 2024 Budget earmarks $38.1 million for Human Services and Health Services, highlighting a notable increase in emergency assistance funding for individuals experiencing homelessness to $300,000, and an additional $150,000 aimed at preventing homelessness. Public safety is also a key focus, with $77.8 million allocated towards comprehensive dispatch services for 23 municipalities and emergency medical support for all 39 towns in Morris County. The Morris County Basic Life Support Emergency Medical Service Unit’s response to over 3,862 emergency calls in 2023 underscores the critical nature of this support.

Investments in Community and Economic Vitality

The budget includes $9 million in support for the Morris County Park Commission, which oversees the state’s largest county park system, spanning 20,455 acres. Over $24 million is designated for educational initiatives, including career training programs at the County College of Morris and the Morris County Vocational School District. Furthermore, economic development and tourism are set to receive a record $900,000, with $100,000 allocated for the celebration of America’s 250th Anniversary.

Commitment to Robust Infrastructure

With an eye toward the future, the county’s 2024 Capital Spending Plan allocates approximately $35 million for crucial infrastructure projects such as road resurfacing, intersection improvements, and replacing bridges and culverts. This investment ensures the longevity and safety of the 287 miles of county roadways.

The 2024 Budget reflects Morris County's dedication to maintaining and enhancing the quality of life for its residents through prudent fiscal management and strategic investments in its communities and infrastructure.

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