New Laws Passed in New Jersey, April 13-May 4, 2023


The March, April, & early May 2023 edition of New Laws in New Jersey. Bills Passed through the NJ Legislature and Approved by Governor Murphy since our last update on March 13, 2023.

We've been documenting the legislative progress of our senate, assembly, and governor since the inception of Morristown Minute.

Since our last update in April, twenty-four (24) bills have found their way through the state legislature and were approved by Governor Murphy. They follow:

A256 [3/13/2023]

Requires certain health care facilities to adopt and implement policies to prevent exposure to surgical smoke via use of smoke evacuation system.*

A4298 [ 3/28/2023]

Allows certain former members of military reserve units to retain special license plates after conclusion of service.

A4720 [4/17/2023]

Requires Commissioner of Education to distribute survey to school districts regarding instruction on Holocaust and genocides.

A4748 [3/20/2023]

Enhances customer service experience with Business Action Center in Department of State by collecting and disseminating customer assistance metrics.

A4749 [3/20/2023]

Requires NJ Business Action Center to collect and produce certain information to assist small businesses.

A4753 [3/20/2023]

Allows cure period for businesses to address and resolve certain violations.

A4772 [4/24/2023]

Concerns UI benefits during labor disputes.

AJR38 [4/14/2023]

Designates April 16 of each year as "Upcycling Day" in State.

AJR171 [3/13/2023]

Permanently designates first full week in April as "Week of the Young Child" in New Jersey.

S297 [3/13/2023]

Requires public agencies and government contractors to report cybersecurity incidents to New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness. *

S428 [3/13/2023]

Extends Right to Farm Act protections to certain shellfish aquaculture activities.*

S743 [3/13/2023]

Requires publication of certain information related to toll discounts on E-ZPass website.

S783 [3/17/2023]

Establishes Opioid Recovery and Remediation Fund; establishes requirements for proceeds from opioid settlements to support substance use disorder prevention and treatment programs.*

S2709 [3/13/2023]

Permits appointment of additional alternate deputy registrars.

S2728 [4/14/2023]

Designates DEP State office building in City of Trenton as "Richard J. Sullivan Building."

S2866 [4/3/2023]

Establishes "Elections Transparency Act;" requires reporting of campaign contributions in excess of $200; increases contribution limits; concerns independent expenditure committees, certain business entity contributions, and certain local provisions; requires appropriation.*

S3124 [3/13/2023]

Changes definition of eligible contract for DOT grant program to compensate certain contractors and subcontractors affected by supply chain shortages.

S3333 [4/5/2023]

Prohibits water utility from taking certain actions if utility fails to participate in Low Income Household Water Assistance Program.

S3558 [4/3/2023]

Permits receipt of retirement annuities by certain members of JRS who filed for deferred retirement.*

S3724 [4/5/2023]

Authorizes Higher Education Student Assistance Authority to award summer tuition aid grants in summer of 2023; appropriates $1,000.*

S3732 [4/3/2023]

Provides additional State school aid to certain school districts; appropriates $103,023,579.*

SJR105 [4/29/2023]

Designates January of each year as "Muslim Heritage Month" in NJ.

SJR106 [4/14/2023]

Designates April 14 of each year as "Military Child Appreciation Day" in NJ.

SJR110 [4/14/2023]

Designates April of each year as "New Jersey Native Plants Month."

Morristown Minute will continue to provide basic, objective overviews of the legislative process. Tell us how you feel about these legislative updates in the comments.

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