UPDATE: Gov. Murphy Signs 16 Bills Into Law Today, May 8, 2023


Governor Murphy took action on legislation today, signing sixteen (16) bills into law and conditionally vetoing one bill. Here's what you need to know.

A major update following our monthly reporting of New Laws in New Jersey: 

Today, May 8, 2023, governor Murphy signed sixteen bills into law and conditionally vetoed one bill. 

The new laws address a wide range of topics, from modernizing business filing statutes and promoting transparency in local government, to supporting disabled veterans and implementing cybersecurity measures.

Details are provided below in a concise summary.

Here's what you need to know:

S-142/A-4341 (Diegnan, Pou/Freiman, Moriarty, Mosquera) - Modernizes business filing statutes to include entity conversion and domestication

S-435/A-392 (Smith, Greenstein/Danielsen) - Authorizes certain local authorities to distribute live recordings of certain public hearings in lieu of transcript requirement

S-660/A-2438 (Oroho, Gopal/Wirths, DeAngelo, Space) - Establishes that "100 percent Disabled Veterans" are not required to submit to MVC certain documentation to renew parking privileges

S-1033/A-2682 (Vitale, Ruiz/Mukherji, Benson, McKnight) - Establishes "Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Long-Term Advisory Commission" in DHS

S-2396/A-3810 (Madden, Zwicker/Moen, Mosquera, Danielsen) - Provides for oversight and improvement of administration of unemployment compensation

S-2423/A-3746 (Pou/McKeon, Calabrese) - Allows local government deferred compensation plans to invest in collective investment trusts

A-179/S-752 (Carter, Moen, Sumter/Lagana, Greenstein) - Requires DEP to make certain information regarding water purveyors available on its Internet website

A-1463/S-1810 (Lopez, Speight, McKnight/Ruiz, Singleton) - Clarifies penalties for certain violations of pretrial release; directs prosecutor to provide written notice of release to victim

A-1791/S-3306 (DeAngelo, Verrelli, McKnight/Turner, Greenstein) - Establishes “Career and Technical Education Scholar Awards” to annually recognize outstanding career and technical education students

A-3494/S-2381 (Dancer, Moriarty, Haider/Diegnan) - Allows license plate frame to obscure certain parts of permanent or temporary license plate under certain conditions

A-3946/S-340 (Quijano, Calabrese, Carter/Singleton, Turner) - Decouples State tax provisions from federal prohibition on cannabis business deductions

A-4132/S-3426 (Stanley, Jaffer, Atkins/Cruz-Perez, Turner) - Establishes NJ Agricultural Literacy Week

A-4184/S-2827 (Tully/Greenstein, Turner) - Requires DCA to allow hiring of information technology and cybersecurity professionals pursuant to shared service incentive programs

ACS for A-4756/S-3262 (Spearman, Wimberly, Reynolds-Jackson/Burgess, Ruiz) - Requires Division of Children’s System of Care to establish training program for employees of emergency shelters for homeless

A-4836/S-3417 (Speight, Atkins, Wimberly/Greenstein, Stanfield) - Requires Office of Emergency Management to incorporate into State Emergency Operations Plan framework to address cybersecurity incidents

A-4935/S-3335 (Benson, Spearman, Haider/Johnson, Diegnan) - Concerns electronic transmission of crash reports

This month has been a significant one for New Jersey, as Governor Murphy signed sixteen diverse bills into law (today alone), while conditionally vetoing another. These legislative changes touch upon a variety of areas, such as business, veterans' rights, cybersecurity, education, and more. 

As we move forward, we will continue to monitor and report on the impact of these new laws on the Garden State.

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