Morristown Council to Tackle Train Station Redevelopment, Parking Modifications, and Housing Regulations Tonight


The meeting agenda includes critical decisions about local land use, transport, and community developments, such as the appointment of a new Housing Authority Commissioner.

The local Morristown Council will convene tonight, Tuesday, August 8, 2023, to discuss a multitude of community-related issues, including the Train Station Redevelopment Project, modifications to parking, and updates on land use regulations.

  • WHO: The Morristown Town Council, Mayor, Town Officials, and community members.
  • WHAT: A regular meeting to discuss and make decisions on vital community concerns.
  • WHEN: The meeting will begin at 7:30 PM, preceded by an Executive Session at 7:00 PM if required.
  • WHERE: The Town Council meeting chamber, 200 South Street, Morristown, NJ
  • WHY: To maintain transparent governance and act on crucial local matters.

The meeting will commence with a call to order and a statement of compliance to ensure adherence to the Open Public Meetings Act. A roll call for attendance will follow, along with a moment of silence and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Highlights of the Agenda:

  1. Executive Session: Focused discussion on the Train Station Redevelopment Project.
  2. Consent Agenda: Approval of minutes and the 2024 St. Patrick's Day Parade on March 9, 2024.
  3. Public Hearing and Council Response: Open platform for public comments and corresponding responses from the council.
  4. Report of Mayor and Town Officials: Kevin Esposito will update on the Revaluation Status, and Phil Abramson will provide an update on the Train Station Redevelopment Project.
  5. Ordinances and Resolutions: Key decisions include:
    • Dedicated handicapped parking at 7 Henry Street.
    • Changes to loading zones and parking on Speedwell Avenue.
    • Amendments to Chapter 30 "Land Use Regulations."
    • Revising requirements for the location of offsite low- and moderate-income housing.
    • Restrictions on seasonal use of gas-powered leaf blowers.
    • A redevelopment plan for 2-10 Washington Street.
    • Lease of parking spaces at 200 South Street.
    • Authorizing notification of property appraised values.
    • Designating redeveloper of train station lot.
    • Authorizing renewal of club and plenary retail distribution licenses.
    • Rejecting bids and authorizing rebidding for various projects and deliveries
  6. Special Recognitions and Approvals: The council will commemorate the 250th anniversary of U.S. independence and approve special revenue for the "Click It or Ticket" grant.
  7. Council Appointments: The appointment of the Housing Authority Commissioner with a term ending on September 5, 2028.
  8. Unfinished and New Business: Various projects, rebidding, and old/new matters up for discussion.
  9. Adjournment.

The meeting provides an opportunity for residents to stay informed and involved in local governance, reflecting Morristown's commitment to transparent and participatory decision-making. It represents the cohesive vision of the Town Council to continually enhance the quality of life for its residents through prudent management and responsive policies.

The full agenda is accessible to the public, with provisions in place for community members to voice their opinions and concerns, affirming Morristown's dedication to open and transparent governance.

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