Governor Murphy Signs Multiple Bills Into Law, Affecting Education, Mental Health, Business, & More


Governor Murphy enacts a series of new laws ranging from modifications in mental health treatment requirements to updates in educational and business standards, reflecting a broad legislative agenda.

NEW JERSEY STATE - Today, Governor Phil Murphy signed a comprehensive package of bills into law that will have far-reaching impacts on various sectors in New Jersey, including education, mental health, business, and the environment.

1. SCS for S-520/A-3847 (Cruz-Perez/Calabrese, Freiman, Spearman)

  • Who: Sponsored by Cruz-Perez, Calabrese, Freiman, Spearman.
  • What: Exempts shellfish aquaculturists with a commercial shellfish aquaculture permit from the law prohibiting the taking of shellfish on Sunday; requires submission of an annual shellfish harvest report.
  • Why: To facilitate and streamline commercial shellfish operations.

2. S-1442/A-5345 (Singleton/Thomson, DePhillips, Space)

  • Who: Sponsored by Singleton, Thomson, DePhillips, Space.
  • What: Requires public works contractor registration and payroll certification for public works projects to be completed online.
  • Why: To modernize and improve efficiency in public works project management.

3. S-3929/A-5182 (Vitale, Scutari/Lampitt, Mukherji)

  • Who: Sponsored by Vitale, Scutari, Lampitt, Mukherji.
  • What: Revises certain requirements for involuntary commitment for mental health treatment.
  • Why: To ensure better protection and consideration for individuals facing involuntary mental health treatment.

4. S-3950/A-5575 (Gopal, O'Scanlon/Coughlin)

  • Who: Sponsored by Gopal, O'Scanlon, Coughlin.
  • What: Establishes an exemption from State school aid reductions for certain school districts.
  • Why: To protect vulnerable school districts from funding cuts.

5. A-3912/S-2724 (Greenwald, Calabrese/Beach, Cruz-Perez)

  • Who: Sponsored by Greenwald, Calabrese, Beach, Cruz-Perez.
  • What: Permits alternating proprietorship of certain wineries.
  • Why: To foster growth and collaboration within the winery industry.

6. A-4192/S-3082 (Greenwald/Beach)

  • Who: Sponsored by Greenwald, Beach.
  • What: Updates educational and experience requirements to obtain licensure as an architect.
  • Why: To align licensing requirements with current industry standards.

7. A-5286/S-3718 (Greenwald, Pintor Marin/Ruiz, Sarlo)

  • Who: Sponsored by Greenwald, Pintor Marin, Ruiz, Sarlo.
  • What: Modifies employee health benefits requirements under certain economic development programs.
  • Why: To enhance employee welfare in connection to economic development initiatives.

8. A-5329/S-3734 (Stanley, Atkins, Moen/Diegnan, Corrado)

  • Who: Sponsored by Stanley, Atkins, Moen, Diegnan, Corrado.
  • What: Extends the useful service life of certain school buses to 20 years; provides a temporary one-year extension of service life of Type S school buses.
  • Why: To improve efficiency and sustainability within school transportation systems.

These newly signed laws cover a broad spectrum of areas, reflecting the administration's multifaceted legislative agenda. The impact on the state will vary, from aiding commercial shellfish operations and modernizing public works project management to enhancing mental health treatment protocols and fostering growth within industries such as wineries and architecture.

With these actions, Governor Murphy continues to shape policy across multiple domains in the state, showcasing a commitment to innovation, economic development, education, and the well-being of New Jersey's residents.

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