Over $300,000 Allocated for New Trails in Madison and Morristown


Madison and Morristown to Benefit from Enhanced Trail Networks, Improving Access to Local Amenities and Green Spaces.

In a significant move to enhance outdoor recreation, the Morris County Board of County Commissioners has approved two grants totaling over $300,000. These funds, allocated under the county's popular Trail Construction Grant Program, are set to develop new recreational trails in Madison's Memorial Park and Morristown's Budd Street.

Morristown, New Jersey – The commitment to improving local green spaces and outdoor amenities in Morris County continues to gain momentum. Yesterday, the Morris County Board of County Commissioners, demonstrating unanimous support, approved two substantial grants aimed at trail development in Madison and Morristown, reflecting the county's ongoing dedication to enhancing recreational spaces.

Funding Breakdown and Project Details:

The Madison project, with a grant of $169,203, enters its third phase, focusing on a 0.6-mile trail comprising gravel, boardwalk, and woodland pathways. This trail, starting from Memorial Park, aims to connect residents to various recreational spots and businesses around Main Street.

Conversely, Morristown will utilize its $134,838 grant to construct a new 0.26-mile trail. This trail, strategically placed to connect existing sidewalks along Budd Street and Miller Street, will provide seamless access to Budd Street Park's playground, basketball courts, and ball fields.

Expanding the County’s Green Footprint:

Commissioner Stephen Shaw, the liaison to Morris County’s Office of Planning and Preservation, emphasized the growing popularity of the Trails Grant program. 

He noted, "Our Trails Grant program has become popular as Morris County residents value the benefits the trails offer. Notably, the grants not only enhance long hiking trails but also improve local parks and greenways, further contributing to our residents' cherished quality of life."

Shaw highlighted the program's success in not only extending long hiking trails but also in upgrading local parks and greenways.

Selective Funding Process:

While nine municipalities initially expressed interest in this year's grant program, only Madison and Morristown's proposals met the stringent criteria set by the county. Challenges such as design and easement issues, or the lack of construction readiness, led to the withdrawal or deferral of other applications.

A History of Commitment:

Since its inception in 2016, the Trail Construction Grant Program, backed by the Morris County Preservation Trust Fund, has dedicated nearly $5 million to develop over 27 miles of trails. This year's grants to Madison and Morristown bring the total number of approved projects to 48.

The Borough of Madison received a 2018 Trail Construction Grant of $130,540 to construct the Madison Recreation Center Accessible Trail.

Purpose and Eligibility:

The grant program aims to enhance the quality of life in Morris County by providing varied recreational trail opportunities. Eligibility extends to all 39 municipalities within the county, subject to specific criteria, including land ownership and preservation status.

Looking Ahead:

The approved projects in Madison and Morristown mark a continuation of Morris County's commitment to environmental stewardship and community enrichment. These trails, once completed, are expected to significantly contribute to the county's landscape, offering residents new avenues for outdoor recreation and connection with nature.

For additional information about the Trail Construction Grant Program and its impact on Morris County's recreational landscape, interested parties are encouraged to visit the official Morris County Trail Construction Grant Program website.

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