Gov. Murphy Signs Four New Laws in Rapid Succession at Trenton Statehouse Private Ceremony


Murphy enacts four more laws in New Jersey, focusing on veteran education, sickle cell disease, harm reduction, and labor rights.

TRENTON, NJ — Governor Phil Murphy, in a rapid succession of private ceremonies at the Statehouse, signed four new bills into law on Monday, January 8, 2024, concerning a large variety of local issues.

The first law, S2764, marks an innovative step in addressing New Jersey's teacher shortage. 

It establishes a pilot program in the Department of Education to assist military veterans in obtaining teacher certifications, leveraging their skills and experience to bolster the educational sector.

The second law, A4052, signifies a major health initiative, appropriating $10.2 million to combat sickle cell disease (SCD). 

This three-year pilot program, led by the Department of Health in consultation with the Department of Human Services, will select Federally Qualified Health Centers through a competitive process. 

Special consideration will be given to centers in Jersey City, Newark, Paterson, Plainfield, Trenton, Camden, and other areas with significant SCD care needs. The program aims to develop comprehensive treatment and prevention strategies for this chronic and often painful condition.

The third law, S3957, expands the scope of harm reduction supplies that can be legally provided by authorized centers in New Jersey. 

This legislation is pivotal in the state's fight against the opioid epidemic and includes provisions for distributing materials like xylazine test strips, which can detect the presence of this animal sedative increasingly found in illicit drugs. 

This broadens the range of life-saving supplies available, from naloxone to clean syringes, emphasizing a holistic approach to reducing drug-related harm and disease spread.

The fourth law, S1438/A5794, enhances labor rights by allowing unions to file wage claim lawsuits on behalf of workers, regardless of their union affiliation.

This law empowers unions to represent all workers, affiliated or not, in wage claim disputes involving contractors and subcontractors in various projects.

Governor Murphy's legislative actions today, which now number over 50, reflect a spray and rapid-fire solution to addressing key issues in education, health, harm reduction, and labor rights in New Jersey. Let's hope some of these new laws in New Jersey pay off.

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