NJ American Water Seeks Rate Hike; Cites Infrastructure Investments


Proposed Increases to Impact Water and Wastewater Bills, Company Aims for Expanded Customer Assistance.

MORRISTOWN, NJ – In a significant move, New Jersey American Water has petitioned the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) for rate increases, attributing this request to over $1.3 billion in capital investments aimed at enhancing service reliability and safety. This move, if approved, could see the average residential water and wastewater bills rise by $11.30 and $6.16 per month, respectively.

The utility, serving over 2.8 million people across 18 counties, has earmarked these funds for replacing aging infrastructure, adhering to water quality standards, and bolstering system resiliency against environmental threats. The plan includes refurbishing 176 miles of water mains and upgrading numerous treatment facilities, notably for PFAS regulation compliance. These infrastructural enhancements are pivotal for maintaining service quality but come with a cost that directly affects consumer bills.

Historically, such rate increases have been a point of contention. A study by the Consumer Federation of America highlighted that water bill hikes often outpace inflation, placing a heavier burden on households. In New Jersey, similar past proposals have sparked public debates about balancing infrastructure needs with consumer affordability.

In response to potential affordability concerns, New Jersey American Water President Mark McDonough mentions a proposed universal affordability tariff. This measure aims to reduce monthly bills by 20 to 80 percent for income-eligible customers, reflecting a growing trend among utilities to address economic disparities in service access.

The proposal's fate now lies with the BPU, undergoing a rigorous review process that includes public and evidentiary hearings. This scrutiny, expected to take over nine months, will involve the New Jersey Division of Rate Counsel and the Office of Administrative Law, ensuring thorough public examination and input.

The proposed rate increase is more than just a financial adjustment; it's a reflection of the ongoing challenge to modernize aging water systems while balancing cost implications for residents. As New Jersey navigates this complex terrain, the outcome of this rate request will be a significant indicator of the state's commitment to both infrastructural integrity and consumer affordability.

While New Jersey American Water seeks a total annual revenue increase of approximately $161.7 million, the BPU's decision will ultimately determine the actual rate hike. Customers are advised to stay informed through the company’s website and forthcoming mail notifications once a decision is reached.

The proposed rate increase by New Jersey American Water, driven by substantial infrastructure investments, underscores a critical junction between service quality and consumer affordability. As the regulatory process unfolds, the implications of this decision will resonate across the state, affecting millions of residents and setting precedents for future utility rate discussions.

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