Morristown's Own Xiomaro Captures the Heart of NYC in Upcoming Photography Book


Local Artist Signs Prestigious UK Deal to Showcase New York Street Life.

MORRISTOWN, NJ - In a significant leap onto the global stage, Morristown's renowned photographer, Xiomaro, has inked a worldwide publishing deal with England's Fonthill Media. The contract heralds the creation of a compelling book featuring his New York City street photography, slated for release in 2025. 

This project is not just a book; it's an entryway into Fonthill Media's ambitious "Photographers' America" series, marking a pivotal moment as Xiomaro gears up for the United States' 250th-anniversary celebrations in 2026.

Xiomaro's forthcoming book promises an intimate journey through the streets of New York City, presenting around 160 vivid color and black-and-white photographs. These images venture beyond the city's emblematic landmarks like Broadway and Rockefeller Center, delving into the fabric of daily life and the rich tapestry of interactions that define Manhattan's bustling spaces. 

According to Xiomaro, the essence of New York City isn't just in its iconic sites but in "the evocative mash-up of people who live, work, and play within its gritty streets," said Xiomaro

His photographs aim to capture the dynamic human condition, offering a window into moments that are often overlooked amidst the city's chaos.

Morristown Artist Signs UK Publishing Deal for New York City Street Photography, Credits to Xiomáro

Xiomaro, whose name resonates with art aficionados for his commissioned work at Morristown National Historical Park, brings a seasoned eye to this project. His craft has received acclaim in prestigious outlets like the New York Times and has been the focus of a PBS documentary

Notably, his work has been exhibited at the Morris Museum and the Mayo Performing Arts Center, with a current retrospective at the Morris County Administration and Records Building, celebrating both his national park series and street photography.

This transition to street photography began in 2015, born out of Xiomaro's desire to stay creatively active between commissions. His explorations of Manhattan have culminated in a collection that Xiomaro describes as a "photographic time capsule" of the early 21st century. This book aims to distinguish itself by focusing on candid, unposed snapshots of city life, providing a fresh perspective compared to mid-century street photography or staged portraits.

Xiomaro's vision for the book is to capture what he calls "future history," offering a glimpse into contemporary urban life that will resonate with a wide audience. His work appeals not only to art and history enthusiasts but also to travelers and everyday smartphone photographers, showcasing the universal allure of New York City's streets. For more information on Xiomaro and his upcoming projects, visit

This publication not only marks a milestone for Xiomaro but also highlights Morristown's contribution to the arts, underscoring the rich cultural tapestry that local talents like Xiomaro bring to the broader canvas of American art and history.

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