New Jersey Celebrates Over 100 Cannabis Dispensaries Statewide


In a landmark achievement for the state’s cannabis industry, New Jersey now boasts 102 dispensaries, highlighting significant growth and demand.

TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey has reached a significant milestone in its cannabis industry development, with the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (NJ-CRC) confirming the opening of over 100 medicinal and recreational cannabis dispensaries statewide. This achievement comes less than two years after the commencement of adult-use cannabis sales and nearly three years following the inception of the NJ-CRC, marking a pivotal moment in the state’s journey towards establishing a robust cannabis market.

Governor Phil Murphy expressed his satisfaction with this progress, stating, “Reaching 100 cannabis dispensaries is a huge milestone that shows we are headed in the right direction.”

Murphy praised the NJ-CRC’s efforts and leadership in fostering a stronger, fairer, and more equitable cannabis market in line with the administration’s goals.

The cannabis industry in New Jersey has seen rapid growth, evolving from just 12 alternative treatment centers over eight years to 102 dispensaries today, reflecting the strong consumer demand and the industry’s potential. Jeff Brown, the Commission’s executive director, highlighted the industry’s achievements, including substantial sales figures for recreational and medicinal cannabis in 2023, with expectations for continued growth in sales in the coming years.

As of February 14th, the distribution of dispensaries across the state includes 40 serving both medicinal and recreational customers, 12 exclusive to medicinal patients, and 50 catering solely to recreational users. This expansion has occurred despite more than 60% of New Jersey municipalities choosing not to host cannabis businesses. However, cannabis businesses have secured operating licenses in every county, ensuring at least one dispensary in 20 of New Jersey’s 21 counties.

The NJ-CRC also reports that the industry’s growth extends beyond dispensaries, with over 200 operating licenses issued across the state, including for cultivators and manufacturers. This broadening of the cannabis business landscape is expected to foster a competitive market, benefiting consumers through better prices, availability, and product quality.

Dianna Houenou, Commission chair, praised the careful and deliberate approach to developing New Jersey’s cannabis market, emphasizing the protection of patient access, safety, and equity. She expressed optimism about the future, particularly the potential for more municipalities to welcome the industry, thereby enhancing opportunities for entrepreneurs, expanding consumer options, and strengthening the industry overall.

The NJ-CRC continues to oversee the licensing, cultivation, testing, selling, and purchasing of cannabis in New Jersey, ensuring the market’s efficient and equitable growth.

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