NJ Launches Permit-to-Carry Dashboard & "Gun Free Zone" Decals


Dashboard Provides Information on Permit-To-Carry Applications Submitted to Law Enforcement in NJ; State Makes “Gun Free Zone” Decals Available to Residents.

Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin, in collaboration with the Office of Justice Data, has launched a new Permit-to-Carry dashboard, offering a detailed summary of handgun permit applications across New Jersey. This initiative, coupled with distributing "Gun Free Zone" decals to businesses, marks a significant push in the state's commitment to gun safety and public awareness.

Governor Phil Murphy praised these initiatives as critical steps towards enhancing New Jersey's standing as a national leader in gun safety. 

As we continue to adjust to the reality we face after the Bruen decision and fight against the consistent attacks from the gun lobby to undermine commonsense gun safety legislation, our mission is to make New Jersey a safer place to live, work, go to school, and raise a family,” said Governor Phil Murphy.

The newly introduced dashboard aims to provide transparency by detailing the demographics and locations of permit applications, a move towards public awareness and accountability. With applications surging post-Bruen decision, this tool offers valuable insights into the state's evolving landscape regarding firearm permits.

Attorney General Platkin emphasized the importance of these decals for businesses opting to maintain a firearm-free environment. 

The decals can help ensure the increase in people carrying guns doesn’t lead to a higher rate of shootings and gun deaths like those experienced in states with less protective gun laws than New Jersey,” Attorney General Platkin explained

Available for free, these decals can be picked up at various locations or downloaded from the Attorney General's website.

The permit-to-carry dashboard reflects data from December 1, 2019, showcasing a significant application increase following the Supreme Court's Bruen decision. This tool, according to Dr. Kristin Golden, Chief Data Officer for the Office of Justice Data, will aid researchers, officials, and the public in understanding the permit demand and application patterns across the state.

This effort is bolstered by recent legislation designating specific areas as sensitive places where firearms are prohibited, reinforcing New Jersey's stringent gun safety laws. The Attorney General's office continues to advocate for comprehensive gun safety, amidst challenges to restrict firearms in public spaces.

Feedback from various community leaders and gun violence prevention advocates underscores the importance of these initiatives. The consensus is clear: informed communities and clear regulations are essential for enhancing safety and justice in New Jersey.

As the state navigates the complexities introduced by the Bruen ruling, these measures signify a proactive approach to gun safety, aiming to maintain New Jersey's high standards of public security and transparency.

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