Rutgers Faculty Strike Ends as University and Union Reach Agreement, Classes to Resume Monday


Rutgers Strike Resolved: New Contract Provides Improved Compensation and Job Security for Part-time Lecturers and Graduate Workers

New Brunswick, N.J. - Governor Phil Murphy announced today that a framework agreement has been reached between Rutgers University and labor union representatives, ending the week-long faculty strike that affected classes across the university's three campuses. The deal includes substantial increases to the salaries of graduate workers and part-time lecturers, as well as significantly strengthened job security for part-time faculty.

Governor Murphy facilitated the negotiations at the State House, bringing together university administration and union representatives to address matters such as compensation, benefits, and job security for both full-time and part-time faculty members. As a result, all Rutgers classes will resume on Monday, April 17.

"I am pleased to share that the Rutgers University and union bargaining committees have come to an agreement," said Governor Murphy. "This fair and amicable conclusion respects the interests of many different stakeholders, upholds New Jersey's values, and puts an end to a standoff that was disruptive to our educators and students alike."

Rutgers President Jonathan Holloway expressed gratitude to Governor Murphy for his active and engaged leadership in the negotiations, adding that closure on the framework would allow the 67,000 students at Rutgers to resume their studies and pursue their academic degrees.

Becky Givan, President of Rutgers AAUP-AFT, praised the framework as a new standard, stating that it sets in place unprecedented gains for contingent workers, graduate students, and the community.

"We look forward to working together with the university to realize President Holloway's vision of a beloved community," Givan said.

Amy Higher, President of the Adjunct Faculty Union (PTLFC), expressed appreciation for the Governor's efforts in helping secure multi-semester appointments and higher pay for part-time faculty. She emphasized that although work remains to reach a full tentative agreement, union representatives are eager to return to teaching and supporting students through the remainder of the spring semester.

As the Rutgers community prepares to return to normalcy following the week-long strike, the agreement reached between the university and union representatives marks a significant step forward in addressing the concerns of part-time lecturers and graduate workers. This new framework not only improves their compensation and job security but also serves as a potential model for other institutions facing similar challenges.

The ongoing collaboration between the Rutgers administration, labor unions, and government officials demonstrates a commitment to finding solutions that prioritize the needs of educators, students, and the community. 

As the university resumes classes on Monday, the successful resolution of the strike underscores the importance of open dialogue and cooperation in fostering a positive academic environment.

With the resolution of the strike and the agreement in place, Rutgers University, its faculty, and students can now focus on continuing their pursuit of academic excellence and achieving their educational goals.

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