New Jersey Governor Seeks FEMA Major Disaster Declaration; Sends Urgent Request to President Biden


Governor Murphy's request aims to provide essential federal assistance to Warren County for recovery from the severe storms on July 15, 2023, encompassing debris removal, emergency measures, permanent work, and more.

In response to the severe weather that has plagued New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy has formally sent a letter to President Joe Biden, requesting a Major Disaster Declaration for the State of New Jersey. 

The focus of the request centers on Warren County, which endured the brunt of the destruction from the storms that hit the state on July 15, 2023.

Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How

  • Who: Governor Phil Murphy and State Director of Emergency Management Colonel Patrick J. Callahan.
  • What: Requesting a Major Disaster Declaration to enable federal assistance for the State of New Jersey, specifically Warren County.
  • When: The request follows a series of storms throughout July, with the damage assessment starting on July 27.
  • Where: New Jersey, with particular emphasis on Warren County's severe flooding, landslides, and extensive damage to infrastructure.
  • Why: To assist with recovery initiatives, including debris removal, emergency protective measures, permanent work, Hazard Mitigation Grant Program funding, and homeowner and small business disaster loan funding.
  • How: The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management (NJOEM) and agencies in Warren County have been working with FEMA to assess the damages.

"As New Jersey continues to recover from the dangerous weather-related disasters that have hit our state this summer, it is critical that we receive aid from the federal government to assist us in our recovery efforts,” Governor Murphy expressed, emphasizing the importance of federal collaboration in storm recovery.

State Director of Emergency Management and Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police Colonel Patrick J. Callahan added, "By seeking federal assistance, we aim to provide the necessary resources and tools to rebuild and recover quickly.”

The series of storms in July caused catastrophic damage across the state but were particularly destructive in Warren County. Damage to roads, stormwater management systems, homes, vehicles, businesses, public facilities, and other critical infrastructure has left the community in dire need of assistance.

The Major Disaster Declaration, if approved by the President, will offer essential financial support to the State of New Jersey and Warren County, facilitating several priority recovery initiatives. The support encompasses a range of needs, from debris removal to emergency measures and long-term hazard mitigation.

This request represents a critical step in the state's recovery, reflecting a cooperative effort between local and federal authorities to restore normalcy and ensure the well-being of the residents and businesses affected by this summer's devastating weather.

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