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NJ Department of Labor Publicly Names 36 Businesses for Wage, Benefit, and Tax Law Violations

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development launches The WALL, a digital list to hold accountable companies that fail to resolve fines and neglect employee benefits.

In an unprecedented move aimed at fostering transparency and accountability, the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJDOL) has unveiled The WALL (Workplace Accountability in Labor List). The digital list names 36 companies that have been delinquent in settling liabilities related to violations of state wage, benefit, or tax laws.

Enforcing Labor Laws

The WALL was inaugurated as a new enforcement mechanism to publicly expose companies that fail to meet their financial obligations, particularly in regard to employee wages, unemployment insurance, and workers' compensation. The 36 companies named on the list have not yet resolved their outstanding fines and fees with the NJDOL and Treasury.

Business Accountability

In July, warning letters were sent to each of the named companies, alerting them that failure to address their financial responsibilities within 20 days would result in their names being posted publicly. Companies appearing on The WALL are also prohibited from entering into public contracts with state, county, or local governments until they have settled their liabilities.

Bipartisan Support for The WALL

Thanks to bipartisan action, specifically P.L.2019, c.366, the NJDOL has been empowered to protect fair business practices across New Jersey by targeting employers who exploit their workers for competitive gains.

“It’s very simple — complying with our wage, benefit, and tax laws is not optional,” emphasized Labor Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo

Director Peter Basso further stated, "Our Office of Strategic Enforcement and Compliance does not take the flouting of our laws lightly. The WALL is a key tool in our strategic enforcement toolbox for ensuring employers comply with New Jersey's state, benefit, and tax laws."

Future Actions

This public naming is separate from, and may be in addition to, other accountability measures such as business license suspension or revocation and public contractor debarment. Going forward, procurement officers from state, county, municipal, and school entities are required to consult The WALL prior to awarding any public contracts.

The inaugural list went live last week, and additional businesses can expect to receive warning notices this fall, urging them to resolve their financial obligations or face public exposure.

This initiative underscores the NJDOL’s commitment to workplace fairness and sets a precedent for how the state plans to handle labor law violations in the future.

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