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New Jersey Governor Signs 8 Bills into Law, Issues Conditional Vetoes on 5 Bills

Governor Murphy signs a range of new laws impacting motor vehicle registration, tenant rights, healthcare, and alcohol, while conditionally vetoing bills including the New Jersey Educator Scholarship Program.

NEW JERSEY - Governor Phil Murphy has signed into law multiple bills that will bring significant changes across various sectors in New Jersey, ranging from healthcare to tenant rights, while conditionally vetoing five others, including the much-anticipated New Jersey Educator Scholarship Program.

Overview of the New Laws: 

Governor Murphy's legislative approvals include a diverse array of bills:

  • A-1550/S-3424: Allows the use of a deceased person's vehicle registration by their spouse or family until it expires.
  • A-1746/S-2947: Adjusts the impact of delinquency and insolvency proceedings for insurer-members of federal home loan banks.
  • A-2583/S-1237: Mandates employers to disseminate information on seizure first-aid.
  • A-3808/S-2052: Grants tenants the right to change locks in cases involving restraining orders.
  • A-4488/S-2662: Restricts community regulation of certain vehicles.
  • A-4616/S-3157: Recognizes passing the Certified Respiratory Therapist exam as a qualification for licensure.
  • A-5096/S-3511: Updates language regarding alcohol and substance use in statutes.
  • A-5165/S-3581: Specifies permissible refrigerants under State Uniform Construction Code and local codes.

Conditional Vetoes: 

The Governor's conditional vetoes focus on bills requiring further refinement:

  • A-3681/S-2661: Proposes the New Jersey Educator Scholarship Program, aiming to allocate $3 million, but now returned for revisions.
  • A-4750/S-3286: Suggests establishing a Vacant Storefront Registry Program for small businesses, vetoed for further review.
  • A-4752/S-3210: Seeks to boost small business Internet presence, returned for additional considerations.
  • A-5179/SCS for S-3516: The "Fire Life Safety Damper and Smoke Control System Inspection Verification Act" demands routine maintenance of safety systems in buildings but requires more detailed provisions.
  • A-5225/S-3729: Aims to cover community-based palliative care under Medicaid, vetoed conditionally.

Implications and Next Steps: 

These legislative actions by Governor Murphy signal a commitment to addressing a wide range of issues affecting New Jersey residents. The approved laws will soon take effect, providing new rights and protections in healthcare, tenant rights, and motor vehicle regulations. The conditionally vetoed bills will likely undergo revisions before potentially being reintroduced for approval.

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