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NJ Homeland Security Urge Vigilance Against Physical and Cyber Threats During Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness (NJOHSP) and its New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell (NJCCIC) are heightening public awareness on the risks of physical and cyber threats. Governor Phil Murphy and security officials urge vigilance in crowded places and online shopping, emphasizing the role of the public in ensuring a safe festive season.

Morristown, NJ: The NJOHSP, in a proactive move, is reinforcing its message of public vigilance and cyber hygiene in anticipation of the holiday season. Governor Phil Murphy highlighted the importance of community involvement in reporting suspicious activities, especially during public events and online shopping.

Vigilance in Public Spaces

Laurie Doran, NJOHSP Director, stressed the absence of specific threats but noted the inherent vulnerabilities in crowded holiday gatherings. The "See Something, Say Something" campaign forms a cornerstone of this initiative, encouraging the public to report anything out of the ordinary.

Faith-Based Communities on Alert

Recent increases in suspicious activities near houses of worship have prompted NJOHSP to advise faith-based groups to stay informed and prepare emergency plans. The agency provides resources, including a facility vulnerability self-assessment tool, to enhance community safety.

Reporting Suspicious Activity

Deputy Director Dan Engelhardt emphasizes the importance of trusting one's instincts when something seems amiss. The public is encouraged to report suspicious activities to local police or through NJOHSP’s dedicated channels.

Cybersecurity During the Holidays

Michael Geraghty, Director of NJCCIC, pointed out the heightened risk of cyberattacks during the holiday shopping season. He recommends vigilance against suspicious links in emails, social media ads, and the use of public Wi-Fi. Multi-factor authentication is advised as an additional security layer.

Social Media Scams and Cyber Hygiene

With an increase in sophisticated social media scams, Geraghty advises shoppers to exercise caution and stick to trusted vendors. The NJCCIC's latest holiday report provides detailed guidance on avoiding common cyber threats.

For More Information

Residents can find detailed information and resources for staying safe both physically and online during the holiday season on the and websites.

The NJOHSP and NJCCIC are actively working to educate and empower New Jersey residents to play a critical role in their own safety during the holiday season. With a combination of public vigilance and cyber hygiene, New Jersey aims to ensure a secure and joyous festive period.

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