New Jersey Aims to Lead in AI Education with Statewide Initiative


The New Jersey Department of Education provides tools for schools to integrate AI into classrooms and administration.

NEW JERSEY - In a strategic response to Governor Phil Murphy's ambitious "Artificial Intelligence Moonshot" initiative, the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) today unveiled a set of resources aimed at pioneering the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in educational settings across the state. This initiative seeks to position New Jersey as a leader in AI-driven educational innovation, enhancing both teaching and administrative capacities within schools.

The newly released resources include an expansive Artificial Intelligence webpage that offers a comprehensive overview of AI, detailing essential concepts and providing guidance tailored for school leaders and educators. This resource aims to foster a responsible and effective integration of AI into the classroom environment, enhancing educational outcomes and operational efficiency.

“AI is a transformative technology that will open new opportunities for teaching and learning. Our goal is to ensure students have the knowledge and skills in working with AI to help prepare them for success in the classroom and beyond graduation,” said Kevin Dehmer, Acting Commissioner of Education. “We want to help schools ensure that every student is adept at navigating the ever-increasing presence of AI.”

Additionally, the NJDOE has introduced a prerecorded Technical Assistance Webinar accessible to all educational stakeholders. This webinar elaborates on the AI fundamentals introduced on the webpage and will be regularly updated to keep pace with the rapid advancements in AI technology.

Looking ahead, the NJDOE's Office of Innovation plans to engage directly with educators to gather insights on the current uses of AI in schools and identify ongoing needs. This feedback will be crucial in shaping future guidelines, resources, and professional development opportunities. Furthermore, the NJDOE will continue its active participation in the Teach AI initiative, collaborating with other U.S. state education departments and international educational bodies to develop AI policy frameworks and educational materials focused on AI.

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