Mosquito Spraying Scheduled for Thursday 9/30 in Morris County


The Morris County Mosquito Commission announce mosquito spraying for Hanover and East Hanover townships Monday Morning. From 7:00 am - 10:00 am Thursday, September 30, weather permitting, the commission will use all terrain vehicles like the one seen above to treat the following areas:

  • Parsippany: Crown Point Rd, Erica Way, Leah Way, Janelle Blvd, Raymound Blvd, Nicole Ln, Lana Dr, Troy Rd, Harden Ct, Byron Ct, Allerton Rd, Chadd Ct, Nicki Ct, Springfield Ct, Pennsylvania Ln, Brookside Ct, Troy Meadow Rd, Parkside Dr, Partridge Ct, Howell Ct, Benjamin Ct, Lisa Ct, Adam Dr, E. Halsey Rd, Stafford Terrace, Eastbrook Rd, Argyle Ct, Warwick Rd, Westminster Dr, Templar Way, DiEdwardo Drive, Decroce Ct, Mazabrook Rd, Mazabrook Blvd, Condit Ave, Rockaway Pl, Ridge Rd, Haddonfield Dr, Sandlewood Dr, Ferndale Dr, Holly Glen Ln, Old Chester Rd, Colony Ct, Norman Ave, Morton Place, Manito Ave, Pawnee Ave, Ute Ave, Lake Shore Dr, Vail Rd, Fernwood Pl, Sagamore Rd, Sagamore Place, White Oak Rd, White Oak Ct, and Percepenny Ln
  • Lincoln Park: Pine Brook Rd, Gettysburg Way, Toms Point Ln, Robertson Way, and Stonyridge Dr
  • Montville: Rachel Gardens Rd, Chapin Rd, Bloomfield Ave, Prospect Pl, Karen Rd, Cindy Rd, Margaret Dr, Vanwinkle Rd, John St, Maple Ave, New Maple Ave, Adamary Pl, Hook Mountain Rd, Efflingham Low Ct, Mary Ave, William St, Roeri Rd, Marts Ln, Spruce Ln, Tamarack Ln, Pine Brook Rd, Coppola Ct, Weldon Pl, Nicholas St, Willard Ln, Longview Dr, Beverly Dr, Midvale Ave, Peace Valley Rd, Two Bridges Rd, Sunrise Way, Green Ridge Dr, Tara Ln, Crest Terrace, Jotham Rd, Craig Ct, Stephen Dr, Eberhardt Ct, White Oak Ln, Windsor Dr, Rand Rd, Garrity Terrace, Eberhardt Ct, Toby Terrace, Douglas Dr, Cliff Rd, Spring Ln, Cedar Rd, Jarombek Dr, Doremus Dr, Van Duyne Ct, Hewlett Rd, Holbrook Ct, Charlemagne, Rennes, Breton, Cheryl Rd, Bader Rd, Barnet Rd, Foremost Mountain Rd, and Cole Ave.

The commission stated they would be using “Anvil 2+2, active ingredient Sumithrin, EPA#1021-1687-8329 or Zenivex E4, active ingredient Etofenprox, EPA#2724-807, EPA# 279-3539 Pesticide Applicator License Number 20262B.” (We don’t know what it means either but don’t drink it or get it on your skin or clothing).

For more information on what Morris County uses in its mosquito spray, click here.

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