New Laws in New Jersey: Gov. Murphy Signs Over 30 Bills into Law


On the last day of June, Governor Phil Murphy signed the following 30+ bills into law:

1) 2944/A-4162 (Sarlo, Ruiz/Freiman, Mosquera, Jaffer, Moriarty, Tully, Swain)

Credits $5.2 billion to “New Jersey Debt Defeasance and Prevention Fund”; appropriates $2.9 billion to NJ Schools Development Authority, NJ DOT, and NJT; and establishes the process for authorizing future appropriations for debt defeasance and capital projects

2) S-1929/A-3668 (Gopal, Pennacchio/McKeon, Tully, Conaway)

Makes FY 2022 supplemental appropriation to provide State military impact aid to certain school districts

3) A-4403/S-2915 (Pintor Marin, Wimberly/Sarlo, Cunningham)

Makes FY 2022 supplemental appropriations of $71,786,000

4) ACS for A-1522/S-2914 (Moriarty, Mosquera, Jaffer, Freiman, Lampitt, Greenwald/Madden, Gopal)

Establishes annual sales tax holiday for certain retail sales of computers, school computer supplies, school supplies, school art supplies, school instructional materials, and sport or recreational equipment.

5) A-4401/S-2860 (Jaffer, Moriarty, Tully/Gopal, Pou)

Provides a one-year waiver of certain MVC fees imposed for driver’s licenses and non-driver identification cards.

6) S-2861/A-4400 (Madden, Pou/Mosquera, Swain, Wimberly)

Waives fees for marriage and civil union licenses in the Fiscal Year 2023; appropriates $2 million.

7) S-2523/ACS for A-3852 (Ruiz, Cunningham/Reynolds-Jackson, Freiman, Jaffer, Moriarty, Mosquera, Wimberly)

Provides child tax credit under gross income tax. Learn more about the Child Tax Credit and FY2023 Appropriations Act here.

8) S-2476wGR/A-4179 (Ruiz, Vitale/Coughlin, Jasey, Sumter, Quijano)

Establishes Thriving By Three Act to award competitive grants for infant and toddler child care programs; appropriates $28 million. Learn more from

9) A-2359/S-2034 (Tucker, Moen, Haider/Cruz-Perez, Pou)

Provides for streamlining of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) application process and establishes SNAP application call center; appropriates $750,000.

10) A-2360/S-2035 (Reynolds-Jackson, Mukherji, Speight/Cunningham, Ruiz)

Eliminates the requirement that participation in the NJ SNAP Employment and Training Program is mandatory for certain recipients.

11) A-2361/S-2016 (Jimenez, Sumter, Timberlake/Zwicker, Ruiz)

Requires DHS to maintain a SNAP outreach plan and to conduct additional outreach programs.

12) A-2362/S-2036 (Freiman, Mosquera, Quijano/Johnson, Ruiz)

Requires DHS to submit a federal waiver request regarding time limits for certain SNAP recipients under certain circumstances.

13) A-2363/S-2033 (Stanley, Mejia, Lopez/Pou, Ruiz)

Concerns SNAP services provided at county boards of social services and county welfare agencies; appropriates $250,000.

14) A-2364/S-2017 (Spearman, Pintor Marin, Atkins/Greenstein, Ruiz)

Appropriates $813,000 to DHS to implement the use of electronic benefit transfer cards in the Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program.

15) A-2366/SCS for S-2156 (McKnight, Carter, Verrelli/Lagana, Pou)

Establishes State SNAP Minimum Benefit Program; appropriates $18 million to DHS.

16) A-2008/S-352 (Conaway, Verrelli, Benson/Gopal, Madden)

Requires health insurance carriers to provide coverage for treatment of mental health conditions and substance use disorders through collaborative care.

17) S-2872/A-4399 (Scutari, Ruiz/Carter, Reynolds-Jackson, Murphy, Wimberly)

Establishes Behavioral Healthcare Provider Loan Redemption Program within Higher Education Student Assistance Authority; appropriates $5 million.

18) SCS for S-311/ACS for A-2036 (Vitale, Gopal/Benson, Verrelli, Conaway)

Establishes a Statewide behavioral health crisis system of care.

19) SCS for S-722 and 785/ACS for A-998 (Codey, Singleton/Reynolds-Jackson, Stanley, Jaffer)

Codifies and expands ARRIVE Together Pilot Program to make certain mental health services available to police responding to certain emergencies; appropriates $2 million.

20) S-2909/ACS for A-4374 (Diegnan/Benson, Pintor Marin, McKnight)

Authorizes DOT to compensate contractors and subcontractors affected by supply chain shortages; appropriates $10 million.

21) A-4405/S-2943 (Benson, Wimberly, Moen/Diegnan)

Concerns New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority; increases Transportation Trust Fund spending limit by $600 million.

22) A-674/S-1646 (Verrelli, McKnight, McKeon/Ruiz, Pou)

Establishes New Jersey Easy Enrollment Health Insurance Program. The law allows New Jersey to use state tax returns to identify uninsured residents and then determine, based on data from returns, whether those individuals are eligible for Medicaid or premiums assistance through the New Jersey exchange.

23) A-3733/S-488 (Haider, Stanley, Benson/Scutari, Beach)

Authorizes students attending institutions of higher education to earn credit towards graduation for serving as poll workers.

24) ACS for A-3990/SCS for S-2593 (Stanley, Tully, Karabinchak/Diegnan, Corrado)

Provides temporary one-year extension of service life of school buses for 2022-2023 school year; authorizes chief administrator to allow one-year extension in subsequent two school years.

25) A-4208/S-2791 (Pintor Marin, Quijano, Speight/Ruiz, Cruz-Perez)

Provides sales and use tax exemption for certain purchases made by all supermarkets and grocery stores located within urban enterprise zones.

26) A2426/S513 (Wimberly, Reynolds-Jackson, Schaer/Cryan, Turner)

Establishes rebuttable presumption of pretrial detention for defendants who commit certain firearm offenses under the Graves Act.

27) A-4385/S-2933 (Conaway/Cryan)

Makes various revisions to laws pertaining to electronic medical records and recording patients’ demographic information.

28) S-2807/A-246 (Stack, Sacco, Cunningham/McKnight, Sampson, Chaparro)

Establishes the Liberty State Park Design Task Force, appropriates $50 million. *This bill stirred up some controversy among environmentalists as the bill fails to protect the wildlife refugee Caven Point. Read more from Politico.

29) S-2917/A-4395 (Cruz-Perez, Stack/Pintor Marin, Freiman, Reynolds-Jackson)

Expands allowance for developers to carry forward unused tax credits under New Jersey Aspire Program, which establishes tax credits to incentive real estate projects in NJ.

30) S-2921/A-4365 (Zwicker, Pou/Coughlin, Verrelli, Spearman)

Revises various provisions of the Food Desert Relief Program. The Food Desert Relief Program addresses the food security needs of communities across New Jersey by providing up to $40 million per year in tax credits, loans, grants, and/or technical assistance to increase access to nutritious foods and develop new approaches to alleviate food deserts.

31) S-2945/ACS for A-4392 (Scutari/Pintor Marin, Sumter, Quijano, McKnight)

Provides economic incentives for certain cannabis businesses.

32) S-2023/A-4402 (Sarlo, Cunningham/Pintor Marin, Wimberly) - LINE ITEM

Appropriates $50,638,729,000 in State funds and $24,082,639,850 in federal funds for the State budget for fiscal year 2022-2023. Copy of Statement

*Governor Murphy signed the following bills today, which were sent to his desk yesterday, conditionally vetoed, and then passed in concurrence with the Governor’s recommendations:

33) S-2476/A-4179 (Ruiz, Vitale/Coughlin, Jasey, Sumter, Quijano) – CONDITIONAL*

Establishes Thriving By Three Act to award competitive grants for infant and toddler child care programs; appropriates $28 million. Copy of Statement

34) A-4403/S-2915 (Pintor Marin, Wimberly/Sarlo, Cunningham) – CONDITIONAL*

Makes FY 2022 supplemental appropriations of $71,786,000. Copy of Statement

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