SNL Alum Brings National Attention to Young Morristown Designer


An 18-year-old clothing designer of Morristown, NJ is receiving national attention after Pete Davidson was photographed wearing a swimsuit designed by the teen.

Mark Wilson, 18, of Morristown, NJ, is the creator and designer of the clothing brand FIFTYONE BRAND – something Mark reportedly developed at age 15 as a tool to manage his ADHD, according to a recent interview with NJBIZ.

The name, FIFTYONE, is inspired by Area 51, the military base synonymous with aliens and UFOs.

FIFTYONE is run solely by Wilson, with the occasional help of his mom. The company’s growth comes from social media marketing – FIFTYONE BRAND has a website but right now products are sold out and the website includes little information other than an archive and facts about washing, shipping, returns, etc.

Swimsuit designed by FIFTYONE worn by Pete Davison in above picture

FIFTYONE designs begin by hand in a sketchbook, and each drop follows a theme. The most recent release followed a 1980s motif, and the next release, dropping later this month, is based on a ‘70s theme lake monster murder mystery.

FIFTYONE announces each design release, or drop, online before manufacturing, and after a few hundred orders deems the product SOLD OUT. Mark uses this preorder system to keep sales of his designs exclusive.

Mark Wilson creator and designer of FIFTYONE BRAND, photo credit

Mark Wilson started working with SoundCloud rapper Broly500!, whose real name is Zashon Flowers, in 2019 after sending Zashon Flowers fan art. The two are planning a merchandise collaboration in the near future as their notoriety grows.

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