Morris Township’s 2022 Holiday Lights Contest


Do you have the most festive house on the block? Let your neighbors know and enter the Morris Township 2022 Holiday Lights Contest! (It’s free and you could win prizes!)

Show off those festive holiday decorations this winter season in Morris Township and Morristown!

The Morris Township Holiday Lights Contest is back for 2022, seeking festive homes to compete for bragging rights, online shoutouts, and gift cards from local businesses.

If you think you have a shot at having the most festive home in Morris Township, enter today!

Here’s what you need to know about the Morris Township 2022 Holiday Lights Contest.

The Rules:

  • Decorations must be installed by the participating homeowners; no professional installations will be accepted.
  • Only decorations that are visible from the roadway will be subject to grading.
  • All lights must be on from 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM December 9 - 13th for judging.
  • Winners are limited to three consecutive years.

Participating homes will be judged in three categories.

1. Your Inner Clark Griswold – some pictures below from/inspired by the iconic movie for inspiration.

Don't be this guy. [National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation]
This NJ couple got a little carried away.

2. Animation Celebration – there’s been a whole flurry of animated films released in the past few years, not to mention you could also interpret this as animated decorations – in which case your decorating may get a lot more technically complicated. Good luck with this one.


3. Traditional – this category evokes visuals: reindeer on the roof with a jolly fat man sneaking down the chimney, candles on lighted display, and presents wrapped for the children. Remember, only the decorations visible from the roadway count, so get creative with your more traditional

Winners of the 2022 Morris Township Holiday Contest will be notified by phone on December 16, no later than 4:30 PM.

The winners of each of the three categories will receive an 18” x 24” yard sign declaring their victory, and a gift card from a local business. Winners will also receive special recognition on the Township’s website and Facebook page!

Good luck. Happy holidays, and happy decorating!

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